LED Ropelights for Decorative purposes

Published: 27th March 2009
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Rope lights have always been a favorite when it comes to adding some creativity into lighting. LED rope lights are made of tiny LED lights spaced at about an inch apart and covered with heavy duty plastic tubes. They come as thin as a rope light can in the thickness of 1 mm and width of 1 cm! LED rope lights are quite flexible and you can use it at bends without the fear of breaking.
LED rope lights are very versatile and can be fit to line any geometric shape because of the high flexibility. You can line buildings to bring attention to it. This is known as perimeter lighting. Buildings are especially lined with rope lights for decorative purposes during some occasion. LED rope lights are also used to line the interiors of cars where bending is unavoidable.
LED rope lights run on different voltages ranging from 12 V - 120 V. The 12 V LED rope lights are suitable where only DC power from batteries is available like the interior of a car. However, the LED lights running on 110 V has a higher thickness of the rope. A higher thickness does not allow the rope to be cut to suit the length and is more suitable to light stationary areas. It is also not as flexible as the smaller thickness rope lights which are suitable to line uneven geometry.
The high durability of LED rope lights makes it equally useful for both indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Its robust design gives it enough strength to withstand loads and is not easily damaged. They last longer than their incandescent and fluorescent cousins. You get LED lights with a life of 60,000 to 100,000 hours. Since they have no filament in them, they consume less energy for lighting. This along with their longer life converts into a huge savings for the consumer. Almost no heat is produced from LED lights and can be used where heat from lights cause a problem, especially when the lighting is required for longer duration.
LED rope lights come on various colors. These colors are not produced by any optical or color sheathing like the incandescent lights, but LED lights are capable of producing the colored lights on their own. You can choose from blue, red, yellow, green and purple. There are many more colors available and if you do not get one of your choices you can buy the white LED lights and use a plastic covering to get the color you want.
There is an initial investment cost associated with LED lights that is higher than their counterparts. The higher cost is attributable to the unique solid state design of these bulbs. However, with the savings in electricity and their longer life, the total ownership cost works out to be much cheaper and proves economical in the long run. Let us say you are thinking of illuminating an amusement park. The total length of the rope light will run into a few hundred kilometers. For such large scale uses, the LED rope lights prove to be much cheaper than the incandescent lights. Also LED lights are much brighter than the conventional lights. They are about 35% brighter than conventional lights. Their failure is slow and gradual, not sudden like the incandescent bulbs.
href="http://www.plasmaled.com/led_rope_lights.html">LED rope lights are creating a revolution in the decorative lighting world. They are also gaining popularity in commercial uses and for home usage. They are easy to install and handle, since they are solid and not fragile like the incandescent bulbs. Next time when you think of holiday lighting or decorative lighting, think of LED rope lights!

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